Well, what do you expect on Halloween!

Victor Pendrake is a utility solo that has been out for over a year.  He will work with the Gators.  I bet there is a story there somewhere…

Victor can give boosted attack rolls vs warbeasts to a warrior or unit – special action – how about a unit of Gatormen?  When fighting beasts he get boosted melee damage and DEF bonus.  His bow get to reroll missed attack and he has a knockdown ranged attack too.  Best against Hordes.

The miniature is one that I painted for a mini exchange last year.

Victor has a good head of hair which dry brushes easily.  Glasses on his nose and a easy to get to jaw line.  You can add a beard and mustache if you want.  He has a cloak over his shoulders that is open, showing the armor plate on his chest.  The cloak is attached by medallions.  Waist down he has chain-mail over pants.  A nicely detailed set of boots, you can use the buckles on the straps for high lights.

His back is the cloak and Luck (his bow).  On is belt he has a book and a quiver of arrows.  Nice details and a chance to add a verity of colors.  Both arms are plate armor that match his chest.  The left arm has his bolo and his right his sword.  Nothing remarkable, but nice crisp detail and easy to get at.

Victor’s left foot is on a head, what kind I am not sure.  Looks like a lizard of some sorts.  Someone told me it was a Ferox, but the teeth are wrong…  If you don’t like that head, you can green stuff over it and make a rock or use a saw to cut it off.  It looks like that would be a lot of work, but possible.

Good liking miniature, useful for Gators, that can add contrast to a mostly green & brown army.


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