The big guy.  Again, this is to talk about the miniature, not the game.


Spread out like this he looks like the frog I dissected in high school!

Six parts: Tail, leg, body, arm, jaw & skull.

First, mold lines, almost none.  I had to trim a little bit between the fingers of both hands.  It took a few seconds.

The connection point between the leg and tail is a curved surface with a plug.  No need to pin, easy to glue.

The body and right arm is another curved surface.  It fits together well, but sticking up in the air where it is easy to hit and break the joint.  So I pulled out the big wire and pinned it.  Funny how the big drill is faster to use than the small ones.

The jaw and skull have the mask hanging down over the connection area.  It is a large surface that connects well, glued without pinning.

The detail on this miniature is very well done, a ton of scales (what else would you expect).  the back and thighs are very pointy.  Ropes are around his hands and forearms up to the elbow. The right shoulder has a piece of armor, nice for contrast.  The ropes to hold this on run from the armor to his waist and tie into rope around his waist.

The head looks like it want to jump up and bite your finger.  The teeth are very pronounced.  The mask will break up the base color of the figure.

Connecting the three sections together is so easy.  For anyone who build Brine, Lug or Snapjaw, I am sure you remember trying to find a way to connect the legs to the body.   The Wrastler has a hollow body, call him a finger puppet.   The leg section has an lip and two tabs that stick up into the socket of the body.  This give you two tabs that are almost 1/8″ tall and 1/2″ long.  This give a great contact point for gluing.  The lip gives good contact all around the joint.

The head is now a rounded cone for the cylinder neck.  Easy to glue.   The head can be positioned in several directions so there are small differences in the position.

I didn’t see anything that needed putty to cover a gap.  Very well defined muscles.  Great detail, easy and clean to assemble.   I frequently paint part of a miniature before I assemble.  This guy sure seems like he can be painted after after you put him together…

Easy to assemble, easy to paint, great looking fig.   A win all around..

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