Time to talk about what he looks like, how and when to assemble.

Barnabas comes in four pieces.  Body, tail, arms/weapon, totem.  All the pieces are well detailed and fits together quite well.

The tail has a flat spot on the bottom, glue the tail on before you glue the body to the base.  It won’t fit otherwise.  The tail has a large flat area with a notch in it.  This makes it easy to line it up.  The long vest has stitching so the tail and body needs properly positioned.  The tail also has straps around it.

The body.  This shot is the back.  Barnabas is looking over his right shoulder.  He has a hood with is different pieces stitched together.  I think I will make this look like Wrongeye with the skin clothing.  His long vest has a lot of coins, medallions and st uff on the bottom.  The vest and hood have a lot of folds and holes.  Straps run over the shoulder and round his waist to hold the totem.  The arms are gator scales and the ends are large flat and round.  Connecting the arms will be easy, but the flat surface will be hard to guarantee that it won’t fall off, so I pinned it.  His feet are very easy to get at and there is a pile of skulls under his right foot.

The arms hold a large axe.  The arms have leather wraps, the hands have excellent detail, the claws are very well defined.  The axe has the deep ruins like circle weapons, with leather around the shaft.

The totem has two conical points of contact that line up with the hole in the back.  I didn’t pin this, but I am skeptical about its ability to hold long term.  The skulls on top appear to be human.  I think there is a coin or medallion on the forehead of each.  Nice detail all around.

The front of the body has a lot of straps, the cloak is open.  This Warlock is certainly well fed.   His skin has quite a few warts that can be painted up for contrast.

The mouth is closed, the eyes are covered, but there is a lot of detail, the hood and vest can be different colors for each different piece of “cloth“.  The stitching also adds contrast.  The axe is a going to attract the eyes, making the blade and ruins a contrast to the rest of the fig will be something will try..

Great fig….


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One Response to Barnabus

  1. Ergonus says:

    The skulls on his trophy rack are actually bog trog skulls, saw it on the concept art at Gen Con 🙂

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