Just tired tonight.

Sitting here with a bunch of new stuff.  I wanted to take photos and do a figure review and building tips on Barnabas and the Wraster, but I am just to tired.

To much going on at home and at work.  I could not get to sleep last night.  2AM give me just over four hours sleep.  Not enough for this old fart.  So, those plans will have to wait.

I have an eleven year old dog.  She runs the house.  She comes in the back room when the wife goes to bed.  She normally lays down and sleeps.  Not tonight.  She has been sitting here for an hour, go to the door, come back and look at me, repeat…..  She want to go to bed.  She is stubborn and right.   So this will be short.

I have been looking at the Blindwater Congregation (how many people are building Gators i n the next three months?)

Right now I have these figures

Next                  Bloody Barnabas
Next                  Blackhide Wrastler x2
Painted           Wrong Eye & Snapjaw
Next                 Croak Hunter x 3
later                   Feralgeist
later                   Thrullg x 2
later                   Totem Hunter
Next                 Viktor Pendrake
later                  Bog Trog Ambushers x 10
Painted          Gatormen Posse x 5
Painted          Swamp Gobber Bellows Crew x2

That is what is next on the table.  I will take some shot and post figure details and assembly tips.  Then it will be painting them.

Well, it is only seven miniatures.  A warlock, two beasts and four solos (all the Frogs will be different).  That should keep me busy for a while…

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One Response to Just tired tonight.

  1. Inzen says:

    I was itching to try out the crocs army to play, but i’ve yet to complete my circle army. Looks like I’ll be doing both anyway.

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