Wide Mouth Frog

Well, it is October, some say Croctober because of the new Minions.  I also saw the Impossible Dream post on the Privateer Press page.  I do enjoy a challenge, but I also don’t want to make promises I can’t keep.  50 points in 4 weeks, maybe.  100 points, I am to detail oriented to make that.

I joined a Miniature Exchange, some times called a paint & swap.  Names are exchanged, I paint something and ship it out, then wait at the mail box for my surprise.  Ya, maybe I am just a big kid.

This one isn’t a secret swap, so I sent an email to my buddy (hope to meet you someday).  I picked the new Croak Hunter.  If you are not familiar it is kind of a frog….

Only painting one small figure, I decided get some fancy bases.  I grabbed a pack of the 30mm Bayou Bases by Wyrd Games.   They come 5 to a pack.  All of them are different.  Water, stumps, snakes, water plants and other details all over the place.  I was surprised at how tall they sit on the 30mm base.  I had thought about adding some depth with some water effects, but this may not be possible.  The bases are wider than the 30mm.  Well, maybe some gloss sealer will do the trick.  Overall pretty nice.

The Croak Hunter comes in three parts, the body, right arm with spear, spears (attached to the back).

The body has a ton of detail.  The skin is smooth, what a shock.  The left foot has a tab to attach it to the base, easy to remove too.  The legs are narrow, this will make pinning the feet to the base a challenge.  Around the waste there is a loin cloth in front.  That has a net on the front with a crab claw attached.  There is a string belt that also hold two bags on the left hip.  His big smooth belly has a string from the right hip to the left shoulder.   One end of the string dangles from that should.  He has a larger crab claw around his neck.  His back is covered with turtle shells, seven of them.  One more on his left shoulder.

The left arm has cloth wrapping from his elbow to his wrist.  There is a buckler (small shield or maybe like brass knuckles) attached to his left hand.    It is about the same size at the turtle shells, but a very different texture.  Lots of little point in it, nothing you want to get punched with.  Hmmm, maybe a different kind of turtle shell, snapping turtles maybe?  I keep thinking this looks like the scales on the back of the Black Hide Wrastler.  I may paint this up to look like Gator hide on a wooden shield.  Look at the inside of the left hand and the feet.  The fingers and toes end in little round suction cups.

The head is pretty sweet.  The eyes are small, but being on the end stick up out of the head.  Easy to get at.  Below the eyes the lips seem big, when compared to the eyes.  Now look below the lips to a chin bigger than Dominar Rasheth.  The big mouth must be to allow it to fill that thing.  I bet it make a lot of noise too.   It also has am mask that covers the top of the head and the eyes stick out of.  No nose to speak of, just a tiny lump.

The right arm with the spear.  The connection point is very good.  The end of the arm has a turtle shell.  This fit to the body very well.  A very small gap can easily be puttied to cover the gap.   The forearm and hand have the same cloth wrapping and hand shield as the left side.  The spear has a wood grain that will be easy to shade.   The barbed head of the spear is tied to the shaft.  There is a small blade on the butt end of the spear.  A rope is looped from his hand to the spear.  Classic fishing spear.]

The bundle of spears goes on his back.  There is a small wedge piece in the middle of the two spears.  If you fiddle with it, you will see that it fits perfectly between the turtle shells on his back.  Very nice design.

I will be doing a little bit of pinning before I prime and start painting.  Yes, they fit well but they are small contact points that attach long part that put a lot of torque on that glue.

Overall a very detailed little model that should be pretty easy to assemble.  Gluing the right arm will make it hard to paint the that side of the face.  The spear bundle make the turtle shells harder to get at, but not impossible.  You can assemble then paint, but it might be better to do the back and the face first.

I will give you some photos later..

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