Highlander Saturday

The Whiz had a 35 point Highlander tournament on Saturday.  On a weekend with other larger events within driving distance, it was nice to get eight players.

Owen played Dwarves and Tavis used his pink angry elves.  Both are experienced players and always give you a good game.

Andrew is pretty new to the Whiz, he did well with his Cryx.  Matt picked up some circle earlier this year.  “I am only going to play Baldur with Constructs”  As you can see, he is playing Kaya and has picked up E Nemo too…

Jared played a Karchev list and Chris had his Kromak.  Jared is always a tough opponent, Chris is the Store Boss and very competitive.

Bill borrowed some Circle from Jared and Rob had his Cryx.  Bill was visiting from NJ and didn’t have his figs.  Rob works the night shift and had sleep deprivation..

They played three rounds and Bill proved that borrowed troops still can win.  He went 3-0 with E Kruger.  Tavis came in Second after a long game against Andrew.  That one came down to all the troops and battlegroups being destroyed…  Grinding out the win.

Chris has faced Jared several times and managed to beat Karchev. I hope Chris finds Kromak’s right arm.  It hasn’t been seen since smashing Karchev.   Monday night we looked for Kromack’s arm and found it tangled in a curtain by the back door.

Rob might have had a lack of sleep, but he got the fully painted army raffle prize. When I say very nice Cryx, I mean the paint jobs.  Can you ever call Cryx nice????

Jared got the painted battle group prize.    Here is a shot with Karchev using his battlegroup as a wall of steel.

Tavis seems drive to do conversions so everything in the army is female.  I like the idea.  His latest is Garryth.  Ravyn body and head, Garryth legs and arms.  Absolutely beautiful conversion.  The problem is that I didn’t get a good picture of it…    So here is a shot of his Phoenix while he was playing Chris…

Thank you for showing up guys.  Till next time…

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