Have you ever?

I have had a smartphone for three months.   Droid X and I really don’t know how I survived before I got it.

This morning, I unplugged it from the charger, put it in the case, put it in my coat pocket and went to work.

Grabbed a cup of coffee and started to prepare the classroom (Technical Instructor).  No phone in my pocket.  So, I went and checked the car, no phone there either.  Called the wife, not home, left a message.

Teach class till 10am, coffee break, check the car again, call the wife, “no phone at home” …

Teach class till 11:45.  Check the car, drive home (5 mile commute is pretty sweet).  The wife isn’t home.  Search the hours, no phone.   Grab a PB&J, head back to work.

Half way to work, I hear the bing for an email.  🙂  The phone is in the car  🙂 …

Find a place to pull over, by the left back corner of the drivers seat, where the seat belt drops, there it was.  When I unhooked the  seatbelt, it covered the phone .  All I could see was the belt.

I guess the “universe”  wanted to play a joke on me today……

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