Dip Results

In earlier posts, I talked about starting the Nihilators.

Saturday I primed them and got the red & black on them.

Sunday I added the gold, redish purple, and a red wash to the armor.  

Monday I did detail work on some other figures, Tuesday I felt like Drek with a head cold.

So, I got home yesterday and set up a clean sheet on wet pallet.  After dinner, about 5pm I put black, red, skorne flesh mix, gold, off white, chestnut, steel on the pallet.  Clean paper towel to wipe the brush, brush cleaner standing.

Between 5 and 11 I got all the base colors done and all the touchup.  The figs looked really flat.  To be honest,  I would not want to put them on the table.

Picked up the paints, got out the quart of dip.  Put down a paper towel.  Popped the cover.

You really have to make sure you don’t drop a fig in the dip.  It isn’t fun to go fishing in there.  It is a good idea to have a bunch paper towels ready to clean up just in case.

This only takes a second.  I twist it once or twice then pull it out.  Shake off as much as you can, but don’t splash it all over the place.

Once you have shaken it, put in down on where is  won’t leave a mark.  Something Plastic or stack of newspapers is good, if the dip runs off the fig it will stain anything under a paper towel.

I put them on top of a plastic tool box.

I wish I had a better light set up, because these pictures don’t do justice to the definition on the detail after the dip.





Before                                                                                     After

These figures are not done.  I will do some high lights on the flesh, metal and cloth.  Maybe do the eyes.

To wrap this up, I do not use Dip all the time.

When do I use it?  Usually when there is a lot of flesh or skeletons.

Can you use it more than that?  Of course, it your figure, a dipped army is better than  primer or metal.

You can get water based stains in colors?  Yes, there are all sorts of shades and you can get colors  too.   http://www.minwax.com/products/color-guide/ There are other products that will work, that is just what I use.

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2 Responses to Dip Results

  1. Owen says:

    Nice lookin’ Nihilators man, hope to see ’em on Saturday!

  2. lonelymonk says:

    I will plan on bringing them

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