Social Painting

The Local Game Store, The Whiz, has for years done a Monday painting night.  This was a way to teach new players the basics, but over the last year it has evolved into a social painting group.

Mostly and adult group, we occasionally get a mom bring in the 10 year old to learn to paint.  An occasional teenager who usually doesn’t have the attention span to finish one color on on fig.

Usually Matt and Dave, the epic scale guys will be working on a lot of tiny little things and making them look really good.   Dave as a long running epic blog here.

Chris is the Whiz owner, he works on all sorts of stuff, when he isn’t talking to distributors or customers.  Terrain is the latest project, turning cardboard, plaster and balsa wood into good looking buildings for Flames of War.

There are others who drop in now and again.

We trade insults, tools ( Don’t lone stuff to Matt 😉 ) inks, washes and most of all insults.  The jokes have to be PG, it is a game/toy store.  We get pre school kids running around.


Last night, after a weekend of working on the Nihilators, I looked at the stuff to finish the Chain Gang.  One Agonizer and Paingiver Taskmaster and I can say I have a 50 point Tier 4 Dominar Rasheth theme list.

So I picked up the Agonizer and started brushing on the details, lightening it up, white spots for the open wounds, mixed red & brown ink, thinned with mat finish/flow improver.  worked on the eyes.   All he needs is a clearcoat.

I moved on to the Paingiver solo.  Shading on the the red cloth, highlights on the black cloth.  Attached the arms, highlighting on the gold, flesh on the arms and face (that still needs shading).  A little work left on the weapon to, but pretty close.

I also had the leader for the nihilators.  I had the colors on the wet pallet, so I filled in more on that.  Tonight I will clean up some edges and test the DIP.

I am not sure everyone knows what the DIP is.  I used it on a lot of Skeletons for a Tomb King Army.  The idea is that you do the basic colors, then you use wood stain (I use water based MinWax) to shade the whole figure.  Yes, you actually hold the figure by the base and dip it in the stain.  The water based stuff dries in a couple of hours, the oil based dries in 24 -> 36.  It is great for a fast paint job on masses of troops.  I don’t use it on all of my stuff, but sometimes it works well.

My favorite color “vermont maple” was almost empty, so I went to get another small can.  The big stores don’t carry the small cans anymore 😦 ….   I ended up getting a quart of it.  Guess I won’t run out for a long long time.   Anyone need any?   😉

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