Chain Gang first Game

Saturday I had a game with Eddie, Khador player.  50 point game, Incursion scenario.

Eddie had P-Irusk, 3 Juggernauts (substitute a Seather) , War Dog, 2 small units of Pikemen (one with stnd/officer), full unit of Winter guard with Off/Stnd, rocket and Kovnik Joe, small unit of doom reavers and the Great Bears.

He set up first with the Winter guard on the far left, Doomreavers and one pike in the middle, Pike + on the right, Jack, Irusk & Dog and the Great Bears. between Doomreavers and Pike.  He advance on his turn.

The rest will be a narrative form one of the pain givers.

Lord Morghoul,

As you ordered, I will keep you updated on the actions of Dominar Rasheth.

We deployed in restricted terrain, woods to the left and ruins on the right.  We could not move in there because of loose stones and deep hole.  The Nihilators occupied the far right.  Green amphibians with a task master was first in the center, three titan and Dominar Rasheth squeezed in next.  Rasheths pet Krea was behind him and the nervous little green things stayed close.  We followed all of them, pushing two agonizers.

The one with the tall hat sent his Nihilators into the middle at the run, the rest of his forces advanced.

The amphibians ran to block the red coats on the right, Nihilators moved up on the left.  The cannoneer did some damage to the Red Nihilator.  Rasheth wiggled a finger at an amphibian, a green cloud dropped on the troops on the left.  A large number of them dropped in their tracks.  A good use for that amphibian, glad it wasn’t me.  The little green ones let loose a cloud of very noxious fumes. 









The Tall hat left the troops on the right behind the cloud.  The Red Nihilators started to charge, but came up short.  The Bronzeback countercharged, but the rest of them did terrible damage to the beast.  One of the Steam boxes moved toward the amphibians.  The second pike unit moved to support the right.  Three big men with axes move from behind the building to cover the center.   The tall hat moved closer to the building.  He used his magic to make the ground shake and ripple.   Then he raised his arms and a wave of energy covered his troops.

The Nihilators md to engage the pikemen and found them extremely resilient.  The amphibians charged the Axemen, consuming one and testing the endurance of another.  I advanced and did what I could he heal the Bronzeback.  Rasheth place a spell on Tall Hat, he look displeased at this.   Then the Dominar heal the Bronzeback.  The beast finished the Red Nihilators.   The Cannoneer blasted the pikemen on the right, but again the resilience was remarkable.  The Gladiator moved to support the Bronzeback.  With a huge amount of fury on the Agonizers, one of them moved to interfere with the steamboxes, but not close enough.  

Tall Hat moved to stand in the shade of the building.  He called forth a large explosion the Nihilators thinning their ranks.  One of his steam boxes slammed the Bronzeback into the Gladiator.  The lose the Bronzeback did not seem to bother Rasheth.  The pikemen advanced on the right.  The Axemen and the Dog moved moved to attack the Gladiator and clog the center.  A second steam box killed an amphibian. 

The tall hat had good battle field position, but his center was weak.  The Gladiator stood up, angry at begin knocked down.  The Cannoneer stood still, took aim at Tall Hat, the blast seemed to strike him hard.   I took another paingiver and advanced around the Gladiator to kill the Axeman. Another Paingiver enraged the Gladiator.   The Amphibean moved to kill the last Axeman.  Rasheth had his eyes on the Dog, it was the only thing between the Gladiator and Tall Hat.  An Agonizer ran to the center to limit the power of the Steamboxes.  The dog charged the Agonizer, but didn’t kill it.  The it ran back to stand in front of Tall Hat.  To hear Rasheth laugh makes my skin crawl.  He took great joy in adding energy to the Gladiator.    It moved with surprising speed, to slam the dog into Tall Hat.  His troops, quickly dragged his body from the field.

The lose of a Bronzeback can easily be filled.  The Amphibian loses ended up being part of the evening meal, there are advantages to the Dominars use of local forces.  The Nihilators loses are expected.  Overall, a very economical victory.  Rasheth seemed very pleased.  He was still bragging while I left to write this…

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  1. Zee says:

    Hahah, I love this! I’ll keep looking for more battle reports :c)

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