Assembly Line

Years ago, the local gamers played a lot of 15mm ancient games.  Units of 12, 16, 24, 32, 48, 64 figures are very common.  So I got used to painting in bunches.  All of the figures had a metal base, not a slot like a lot of modern figs.  It was very easy to use a little white glue to attach a unit to a balsa wood stick and paint them in bunches.  Open a pot of paint and do all the armor, then the boots, flesh, shield.  Not as much detail, but certainly a challenge in it own way.

Fast forward to 28mm figs with a plastic base.  Not very easy to glue to a stick.  Not very easy to handle either.  I don’t know about you, but handling a Titan or Heavy Jack by that plastic base make my finger tired after a while.

I read about using empty paint pots to hold figs, but didn’t have a lot.

I noticed that a 30mm base fits very well on a soda bottle cap.  Where I work there are a ton of half liter bottles.  So I acquired a few dozen bottle tops.  I used white glue and found that it was a big improvement.

There was a problem, white glue on the bottom of the plastic base, to get it to stick, you need a lot which makes it hard to remove.

Has anyone used blue tack/poster tack to hold stuff on the wall?  It is used a work, I bought a pack at the local office supply and it hold the figure very well and it easy to pull off.  You also don’t have to wait hours for the white glue to dry.

I still have balsa wood sticks in the closet.  How can I use balsa with plastic bottle caps.  Well the caps do screw on the top of the bottle.  So some work with a hacksaw gave me a dozen threaded tops.  I cut a 36″ stick into two 18″ sticks.  I glued down six threaded tops onto each stick.

I can easily push the plastic base onto the cap, screw the cap to the stick and do a 4, 6, 10 or 12 figure unit.

You could spray prime on the sticks if you wanted to.

I don’t to the detailing on the stick, I just unscrew the figure to finish it.  I do all the base coating on the sticks.

It seems faster to paint all of one color at once.  Pick up the stick do all the skirt, turn the it over do the other side.  The cap will turn on the base, so you can adjust the figures to face the way that works best for you…

You can also rotate the fig a little while you painting it by spinning the cap a little or moving the fig on the putty.

Be careful, you have an 18″ stick, you can knock over paint pots, hit the lamp and a such.

I have the Nihilators primed and on sticks, in less than a half hour I got the first two color on all of them.

They don’t fall off either, I drove them home from The Whiz, no problem.

Just a tool I use to make it a little faster….   Keep painting 🙂

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2 Responses to Assembly Line

  1. Norbert Brunhuber says:

    Pretty clever Craig. When I painted my historicals, I used to use hot glue to glue the bases to the top of roofing nails. Then I’d stick the nails into a piece of foam to hold them upright.


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