My fingers hurt

Today has been an internal debate, do I prime/basecoat these figs or assemble them next.

Assembling won out.  I ended up pinning every set of arms.

I bet a lot of people have assembled Steelhead Halberdiers,  Nlyss mercenary unit and other figs that have one piece with two arms that need to be attached to the body.  Not impossible, not easy.  I have heard the term Astronaut used to describe figs that are hard to assemble.  This is saying I feel like launching them.

I pin a lot and I used a lot of the .85mm wire and have always had problems with the .5mm.  The drills break easily, if you drop one (you get at least three) you can never find it.  I broke one sword grip, between the two hands.  Quite small, less than one millimeter.  I filed the ends of break smooth.  Used a dental pick to make the punch to center the drill.  It took two minutes to break a drill.  I got out another (one left) and decided to try less of the drill sticking out.  I was leaving about a quarter inch out, maybe a little more.  I left less than 3/16″ out of pin vice.  Much better, I could apply more pressure, drill quicker and I didn’t break that bit.

No painting tonight, my finger tips hurt.  Between the pin vice and Nihilators…..   The Nihilators have a bunch of little pointy parts making the pinning harder than usual.

When I have these 10 figs primed I will show you how I paint units, mass production on sticks.

My wife has a cold, she told me to get out the house early tomorrow.  So off the the Whiz.

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One Response to My fingers hurt

  1. Jake says:

    Can’t wait for your tips on painting units. My max unit of bane thralls with UA is primed and staring at me from the painting table…

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