Should I???

You be the judge!!!    Should I clean this up?  It works for me, but don’t ask my wife 😉

Yesterday, I got some stuff done, trying the new idea of “If I have 10 minutes, paint”.  It seems to work well.

The Agonizer and Taskmasters are based.   They are on cork with some texture using acrylic paste with a three color paint j0b.

Fatso got a final highlight and touchup.   I use brush on sealer, I did a gloss coat first, then a dull on the Agonizers flesh and such and a second gloss on the armor.

Here are the last Fatso photos, I think I have inflicted enough on you.

Here is the other Should I????  Should I put a 50 pt Chain Gang on the table tonight?

I think, we all know the answer to that question.


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