Finding a balance

When do you paint?  Weekends, week nights, no set time but I need a couple of hours, any time I have a few minutes.

Where do you paint?  Basement, living room, store, desk, folding table, wherever ….

Why do you paint?  So my army looks better, for hardcore, for a part time job, so other players don’t give me crap for my metal army…

How do you find time time to paint in a crazy world of work, family, friends, gaming, house, pets, etc, etc….

I am pretty lucky, my wife does almost all the stuff around the house.  Am I a slacker or is she a compulsive cleaner, probably a little bit of both.

I have a back room with a recliner, computer desk, TV, painting desk, couch.  Yes, it is pretty sweet.  My problem is that I stop at the computer and don’t go to the painting desk.  Most of my painting in the last year has been at the Whiz (Local Game Store).  Less distractions, great lighting (my desk has one little halogen light) and people who come in and paint helps keep me going.  Monday Whiz Painting has become a social night, anywhere from four to ten people.   It is actually a fun thing.

Yet, how to I paint more at home.  Normally, I get home from work and screw around on the computer till dinner.  It is an old habit, I can’t get at a lot of wetsite while at work, company firewall.  So I would catch up on the forums and such at home.  Getting a smart phone, Droid X has change all that.  Email, facebook, various forums are now easy to update.

So, with the excuse gone, what holds me up.  My wife has had a change in her attitude in the last week or so.   For years it has been “that stupid game”.  She has started to realize that we all need some way to relax, and painting is becoming my way.

Zen and the art of figure painting.  At the end of the day, if I paint, my mood is better, I sleep better.  I guess this is a good thing….

Excuses I have used.  Not enough time, If I didn’t have two or three hours.  I now try to paint anytime I have a few minutes.  True, I may only get one color on the fig or unit I am working on.  I have learned that over a week, if I do the few minutes a few times, I get more done than the one shot at two three hours every week.

There are times I feel overwhelmed by a complex figure or a ten figure unit.  It is like a writers block.  Lately, I have put most of the mountain of unpainted stuff away, so I only have a small amount of things on the desk.  When I am getting close to the end of a Fig/Unit, I will start, cleaning up, assembling and priming the next project.  When I get almost done, I am doing shading, washes and glazes.  Takes time for them to dry, get started on the next one seem to help.

I use a wet pallet, so the paint stays the consistency I want a lot longer.  Sometime when I am doing the final details, I will have a way over a dozen little spots of paint on the pallet.  Having them last longer means I don’t have to get that one pot of paint and refresh the pallet.

So, what do you do to keep the brush on the fig?  Do you do the fastest paintjob you can?  Do you pay someone else to paint your stuff.   How you balance, life vs gaming, gaming vs painting?

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One Response to Finding a balance

  1. docbungle says:

    Nice article fella

    Me I grab a chance when the urge takes me, all my stuff lives on the desk in the back room. Since there are no animals or small hands about I can leave stuff about, so I can jump in when needed!
    So alot of painting happens while food is cooking or I have no control what is on the TV 😦

    As for gaming, that takes up less time although I am slowly getting into a game a week at the moment! Which then helps the painting as I dont like grey/metal on the table so I encourage myself to at least base coat a new model before it is allowed on the table (proxying is allowed though)

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