Ya never know

You never know what is going to slow you down.  On Friday it was “Here comes the weekend“.  Rasheth needs a quick red wash on two parts, easy to do.  Start working on the bases of the Gatormen.  Put some paint on the Agonizer and two Paingiver Taskmasters.

A nice seafood dinner made Friday night quite nice.  After the wife went to bed, time to get started.  Sitting on my desk was FoW Trolls.  A reminder that I need to come up with lists for discussions.  Sunday was the GutsnGears recording.  So, time to read.  To be honest, I have never played Trolls.  I spent the evening reading up on theme list and casters trying to decide.

Saturday, got up early and headed to Boston.  The wife drove, so I kept reading and started getting ideas.  I took the wife to breakfast.  Her favorite place is Charlie’s Sandwich Shop on Columbus.  It has been there for over 80 years and a great way to start the day.

We drove around a little and parked in the North End.  For those of you who don’t know.  The North End it the Italian neighborhood in Boston.  It takes a miracle to find a parking space.  We walked around, window shopping, the smells of the bakeries, looking a menus.  There are some fabulous restaurants there.  We stopped and to a coffee, siting outside on what will probably be one of the last days you would want to.   Barb start talking to the person sitting at the next table.  While taking about local shops, he told us to try a little butcher shop around the corner.  “The best Italian Sausage you will ever find”.  Ok, the guy was right.

Sulmona Meat Market, 32 Parmenter St, Boston, MA 02113

It is a tinny little place, it is a time warp about 50 years ago.  If you ever get a chance, try it.

Back to reading, I picked three casters.  With only two of us making lists, I figured three for variety.  By the time I went to bed, I had three lists typed up so I could email them out.

Sunday, emails delayed recording a couple of hours.  A little yard work, reread everything so I had some discussion points ready.

The recording went well, fun as usual.  It didn’t finish until late afternoon.  Time to jump on the painting table.

Put the darker gold on the Taskmasters and the grey base on the Ag….  Added a chestnut was on the gold, basecoat of Skorne red.  Coal black on the cloth.  Mixed up some Black as a wash and some red to use to fill in the armor.  I thin the paint and use 2 or 3 thin coats to fill in the deep spots.   I used the leftover black wash to darken the Agonizer.

So that is where I stopped.  Whiz painting night tonight, so more soon..   I don’t know if I will finish them, but these three are pretty easy compared to Fatso.

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