Git in ma belly!!!

Here he is!!!  Very soon coming to a table near you.

After dinner last night, I set up the painting table.  I move my stuff to the Whiz on painting night.  So, most of the stuff on the wet pallet was still good, and I got started.  Shading around the scars.  A dark wash on the ropes.  Dark lines on and around the armor.  Neighbors show up.  I was on a roll!  I could see the finish line…  nope.

So, I went into the living room, spent some social time.  Like this doesn’t happen several times a week.  Waiting for them to go…   Nice people, but today I wanted to paint.

Back to my desk.  Purple and red pillows, shading, wash, touchup.  Now the wife wants to talk.  I don’t have a lot of hair on my head, but now I have less after ripping out two hand fulls.

Back to the living room, long discussions, stupid stuff on TV.  If I go to paint it will be days of grief, so about 10pm I walk the dog and get back to my room.  I normally don’t paint after 8pm or so.

Gems and gold detail, touch up on red cloth and armor.  14 color on the wet pallet.  4 brushes in the cleaning.  A paper towel that look like a Jackson Pollock.

So I snapped a few photos, checked the forums and talked with some friends.

Tonight, one last double check.  Then clear coat.

Damn he is ugly  🙂

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