I was at the Whiz planning on playing a game.  The wife called to say hello.  She was calm.  When she had gotten home, the CO2 alarm was going off, the dog was hiding in the closet.  She pulled the battery from the alarm, call a neighbor then called me.

“Call the police now” was all I told her, I picked up my stuff and went home.  I bet she wasn’t calm anymore.

When I got home (fifteen or twenty minutes), the fire engine was in front of the house, doors and windows open too.  I was told to not put my car in the garage so they could ventilate.

After an hour or so of turning on the furnace, open these doors, close those.  Nice logical testing, they found nothing.  Nothing wrong.

So my wife is now going to worry about this.  We went out a grabbed a pizza.  Gave the dog some attention, she was pretty upset.   No idea how long the alarm was going off.

Several discussion tonight about will the alarm go off again.  If the alarm goes of should I call the fire department, yes, every time.Should we buy new alarms, no they work fine. Replace the batteries, yes honey, will will replace all the batteries.  you get the idea….

Well, to be honest, no painting tonight, no game tonight.  Rasheth still want a clear coat, well Fatso, again you have to wait, do look at me with those Alice Cooper eyes..


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