I am upset

I went to the Whiz to finish Rasheth.  A really good bunch for the painting night.  Matt & Dave the Epic dudes working on tiny stuff.  Ruth, pretty new to the hobby, but learning really fast.  One of the 40k, all chaos all the time guys.  The resident Russian working on his winter guard and Chris working on his Circle.  A lot of joke and good converstation.

I started working on the shading on Rasheth skin.  Damn there is a lot of that.  Mixed a thin wash to highlight his scares and spikes under the skin.  Coal Black and Skorne Red on the wet pallet.  Gold for the edging and highlights.

Highlighted and touched up the ropes holding down his gut armor and gloves armor.  Tried some blackline on his armor between the red and gold.  His hands got a wash and dry brush and highlights.  Dark fingernails where you could see them.  The “x” of rope holding down his gut armor and gloves need some work.  Pillows needed touch up, shading and highlights.  The nipple blades needed gold rings and steel.  Ear rings, lip piercing….

Ok, you get the idea, a metric butt ton of detail and shading to do and I ran out of time…  The store closed before I was done.

Why didn’t I finish at home.  Something called Monday Night Football.  Yes, I root for the home team.  The Patriots played and won a very surprising game, but this isn’t ESPN.

So, I guess I will finish him tonight.   A little pillow painting, Jewels need work, shading on the gold, the front skirt is still pink.

Then on to the Paingivers.

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