One step closer

To a Fasto 50 theme.

After visiting friends on Saturday I took a few hours today to finish the Gatormen Posse.  They are not based yet, are you really that picky?

An Agonizer & Paingiver Taskmaster (two actually) next.

Well, it is Croctober.  The local players are quite buzzed about the new ones coming out this month.  A unit of Gatormen is enough to make me consider a new Caster, Warbeast and Solo.  Yet I have more than one reason to decide to build a new faction.

Now, if you don’t understand this, these are Submerge counters for these figures.

I painted Wrongeye and Snapjaw when a Gator Warlock and Army was just a rumor.  The submerge tokens are for use when Snapjaws Animus is used.   No, I have no plans to make these for all the figs in a Gator army..

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