Ahead Full

Dominar Rasheth is getting a good deal of attention on his skin and face.  Not my most confident area to painting.

Thin layers, washes, glazing, ink with a lot of time between these layers.

So I started the pin/assemble, putty & prime process.  I took five gatormen, two paingiver taskmaster and an Agonizer.  Nice to see that the arm and weapon on the Taskmaster fits together very well.    I didn’t pin the weapon.

I did a cork base on Rasheth and I think all the new Skorne will have similar bases.   The gators will have a swampy base with some water effects.

The arms on the gatormen didn’t look like they would stay on longterm, so they all got pinned.  Five gatormen, two arms each, two holes per pin.  Yes, that is 20 holes with a pin vice.

The agonizer arms doesn’t have a large area of contact, so they got pinned too.

The gatormen and agonizer got a little bit of squadron green putty, to fill the small gaps.  I really like this product for gap filling (it isn’t strong), it is easy shape after it dries.

The taskmaster are still in 3 pieces each, I will base coat all 3, detail  the body, glue on the arms and detail them.

Tonight it is putty smoothing, prime and probably start basecoating…

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