Process for my painting

Does anyone else ever start painting a complex figure without a clear idea of how it will look when it is done?

Dominar Rasheth seem a 7 on scale of 1-10 for complexity.  Mortenebra seems like a 10.

Agonizers are pretty straight forward to paint.  Rasheth body, armor, flesh, ok, got  that too.

the stuff on the platform, Fan, napkin, pastry, bowl of ‘grapes’, pillows, carpet etc…  I just had trouble picturing how it all fit together.

Agonizers done, platform base coated.  I put the platform and agonizers on the base and just started picking bottles of paint.  Pillows, from off white to purple, reds, and yellows, no green or blue.  Fan dark wood, reds and gold, napkin is white, dark brown pastry tray has twinkies, the purple bowl has pickled eye balls.

When I sat down yesterday afternoon, I didn’t know where it was going to go.  It seems to have gone better than I expected.

Rasheth needs a lot of detail, but I can see that.  Hope to finish in the next day or two.

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