Working on the 3 Stooges

Over the weekend, I was fighting a cold so I didn’t really get the painting table.

Last night was Monday Painting at the Local Game Store.

I started by adding some metal to the Agonizers flesh hooks, P3 metal, Pig Iron and others for shading.

Touch ups on the Dark and Light grey.

The open wounds get a little bit of off white.

Made a dark red wash and used it around the flesh hooks and wounds, another light gray touch up.

Added Morrow white on those big sad eyes. This also caused a little dark/light grey touch up. I love having a wet pallet that allows me to keep small amounts of mixed shades for hours.

All that is left is to add color to the eyes and do a final touch up and shading.

When I left, the sun had just gone down. The drive home was into a western sky. Watching the bright yellow slowly change colors and get to that dark blue when the stars come out. I think there is a planet in the western sky.

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