Hello world!

I sit here, quietly enjoying a sunset.

As the word spin in a crazy fashion around me, I try to find a quiet center to allow some peace into me.

I look at my painting table. Dominar Rasheth sits in pieces with the first base coats drying in the light breeze from an open window.

The base is corked and I have the holes for the back two Agonzers are drilled. The front one will be harder, that Agonizer will have to positioned perfectly so the lectica fits on all three Agonizers. The back two have rectangular keys, the front one is round.

The parts had very few mold lines, the only ones hard to clear up where on the lectica. Being a disk about 1/8″ thick, the mold lines are in the middle of the sides. There are details and the lines are in the deep recesses as well as the outer edges. Tricky even if you have small curved files.

I primed with white Gesso, dry brushed on a mixture of Reaper antique gold and chestnut 8:1. The red cloth is based the P3 Sanguine base.

It is all in separate parts. I glued then used green 2 part putty to join Rasheth’s legs and body.

Agonizers are based with P3 Ironhull gray.

I will concentrate on the Agonizers and Lectica first, once those parts are done, assemble them. After that, Rasheth gets glued down and detailed.

Later, I will try to get some photos.

Wind Chimes and Sunset calls me!

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2 Responses to Hello world!

  1. gdaybloke says:

    Wind chimes make it awesome.

  2. All you need is a double rainbow!

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